Commonplace: Kelly Corrigan (The Middle Place)

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I’m beside myself with happiness that my whole family is going to be together over this long weekend.  So, in honor of that momentous occasion, I’m posting this fun quote on big families.  I didn’t grow up with much extended family, but our family is feeling bigger and bigger as my siblings and I are getting married and having kids.  Each family get-together is a little more chaotic than the last, but we love being together!

What does he [the author’s husband] know? He has one sister and a handful of cousins.  He doesn’t know how noise becomes music. He doesn’t know that five or six people can be moving in and out of the kitchen–doing dishes, wrapping leftovers, picking at the pie pan– and you can feel someone squeeze your shoulders and not even need to see who it is because any one of the is welcome to give you a little encouraging rub and any of them would.

He doesn’t know what it feels like to be at a lacrosse game in Baltimore and move from one row to the next, plugging onto the family current, cousin after aunt after uncle after cousin, all conduits for the charge, all contributing to the magnetic field until you can practically see it.

Kelly Corrigan
The Middle Place

(Why in the world did I pick up a memoir about cancer at this particular moment in my life?  I have no good answer for you, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.)


3 responses to “Commonplace: Kelly Corrigan (The Middle Place)

  1. Hi Lindsey. This year my English 7 students will be keeping a Commonplace Book. I’m excited for them to record the lines, the quotes, the words, etc. that move them in the books we read this year. Thanks for your Commonplace posts.

  2. I just discovered Corrigan last month for the first time (Glitter and Glue), and can’t WAIT to read The Middle Place!

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