The #31Days Challenge

Last year I participated in the Nester’s 31 Days challenge for the first time.  Writing that much in such a concentrated amount of time was a huge challenge, but I loved the process and the resulting “finished product” of 31 posts about one of my favorite topics to think about.


I’ve started seeing the hype about this year’s 31 Days challenge, and I am sad but positive that I’m not up for it this year.  I knew for sure I couldn’t do one that was as writing-intensive as last year, but I toyed with the idea of posting on a topic that was a bit more effortless.  Surely I could think of 31 thoughts on a single topic!  Here were some of my brainstorms:

31 Days of Excuses Why I’m Not Blogging

31 Days that I Meant to Post Something

31 Tweets (or Retweets) on Various Topics

31 Blurry iPhone Pics of My Kids

31 Links to Articles I Read on Facebook But Shouldn’t Have (Because Misery Loves Company)

31 Neurotic Things I’ve Believed When I Tried to Problem-Solve in the Middle of the Night

31 Depressing Things I Heard in the News

31 Days to Beautiful Hands: Live-Blogging a Month of Trying to Quit Biting My Fingernails

31 Incomplete Thoughts

31 Mismatched Shorts

31 Things I Wish I’d Bought Before I Attended That Dave Ramsey Course

31 Deep Thoughts About Children’s Television

So all that to say, no 31 Days for me this year.  But I have high hopes for October of 2015: Lord willing, I’ll have a six-year-old, a three-year-old, and an almost-one-year-old.  I’ll totally have margins back in my life by then, right?


7 responses to “The #31Days Challenge

  1. I love this! I was nodding and agreeing, especially the neurotic things in the middle of the night, but I burst out laughing at the Dave Ramsey one! I’ve had the same thought at least once a day!

  2. Hahaha! I’d LOVE to read any of those from you during your brainstorm session. I could contribute to just about all of them, lol!!
    Wow, was that already a year ago? Seems like yesterday…
    For the fingernail biting, have u heard of ‘Mavala stop’? I worked at a pediatric dental office where the dentist & parents alike gave it astonishing reviews! We plan to use it on L for thumb sucking. I’ll let u know how that goes.

    • I have not heard of Mavala stop…maybe I will check it out! My parents used some kind of yucky paint on my nails when I was little, and I just sucked my fingers until it came off. But I’m much more mature now…

  3. I ALMOST thought you were making a little announcement at the end of the post! 🙂
    I would love to hear the Neurotic Thoughts in the Middle of the Night, because it goes with the Misery Loves Company one.
    I feel like your 31 Days posts from last year have enough meat in them to last us a while. I still reference them. So you certainly deserve a break. Go eat some bon-bons and watch a Soap Opera.

    • HA! No announcements for a while, hopefully! Maybe in October I will use my free time to give myself a fresh pedicure with elaborate big-toe art every single day.

  4. This cracked me up!! I loved “31 Days I Meant to Post Something.” Story of my life.

  5. S and I are laughing out loud re: the Dave Ramsey one. So many funny things on this list!

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