Reasons My Postpartum Wife is Crying

It’s easy to laugh at toddlers and their sensitive emotional triggers (and believe me, I do!).  But they’ve got nothing on a totally overwhelmed mama of a little bundle of joy.  Those first months home with a newborn are full of so much sweetness (this is a great post if you’re in the mood for that).  But it’s also such a weird, disorienting time, especially for a normally-not-so-emotional girl like myself.  I’m always as bewildered as the rest of my family at my crazy mood swings and the tears–oh, the tears!–that spring up for the craziest reasons.  I actually started this blog post when Leah was barely a month old, even then able to laugh at myself because I knew that this too shall pass.

(Important disclaimer: This is not intended to make light of actual, serious postpartum depression.  It’s just a moment of solidarity with all the other moms out there who might find themselves a little weepy since that baby arrived a few weeks ago.  Or a few years ago…whatever!)

So without further ado:

reasons my postpartum wife is crying
(NOT written by Stephen, because he is smarter than that)

  • The baby decided to have awake time just as she was getting ready for bed.
  • We ran out of toilet paper.
  • Someone asked “How are you doing?” in a nice voice.
  • She went to the store specifically to buy more newborn-sized diapers and realized after she got home that she had bought Size 1 on accident.
  • She couldn’t find her car keys.
  • The baby is crying.
  • The two-year-old is crying.
  • The five-year-old is crying.
  • We watched the last episode of Parks & Recreation available on Netflix.
  • Chris Traeger moved away from Pawnee.
  • She thought there was one more Dr. Pepper in the fridge. (There wasn’t.)
  • That episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood was really touching.
  • The baby spit up on her clean shirt.
  • She missed a call from her sister.
  • I didn’t get home until 5:05.
  • The internet stopped responding while she was in the middle of uploading pictures.
  • She couldn’t remember what time she took her Motrin.
  • She remembered I have to leave town three months from now.
  • The big kids wouldn’t smile for the family picture.
  • The kitchen trash fills up really fast.  So does the laundry hamper.
  •  The hot water ran out while she had shampoo in her hair.
  • The baby is outgrowing her newborn-sized outfits.
  • Her feet have been cold all day.
  • She tried to put on her regular jeans.

This post is lovingly dedicated to Stephen, this year’s deserving winner of the Patient Husband Award for his kindness during all of the incidents mentioned above, all the ones that I didn’t write down, and all the ones yet to come.


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