{PHFR} at the Drive-Through Safari

This summer, instead of taking a traditional family vacation, we’re doing a few short day trips.  Last week we went with my sister and brother-in-law to a drive-through safari, where two truths were made evident: I do not like animals, and the rest of my family does.

I’m going back to an old favorite linkup theme to share pictures here (hope to make this a regular feature again!).  So after a long hiatus, enjoy some {pretty, happy, funny, real}.  I had to add one special-just-for-today category to fully encompass this experience, so enjoy!


Running in Circles

The safari itself was very cool, and much like the sort you’ve probably seen before: you drive through fields of exotic animals and feed them pellets of food from your car windows.  We were impressed by the variety of animals, although our kids would have benefitted from parents with more zoological expertise (“Hey, look out Jem’s window!  It’s some kind of ram thing!”).

You know how they say that what parents do in moderation, children do to excess?  Abby took inspiration from our imprecision in animal classification and persisted in calling emus “pelicans” for the whole car trip, despite many corrections.


Running in Circles

Before we left for the safari, Leslie and I went out for a special lunch together while the husbands took the big kids to Chick Fil A.  We enjoyed gourmet wood-fired pizza and pretended to be at Delancey, since we both recently finished Molly Wizenberg’s fun memoir.

Running in Circles

This giraffe looks so stately here, but you can see that he can only repress his fun-loving side for so long…


Running in Circles

In this picture, the giraffe was licking Stephen’s hat and shoulder.  There was no competing with that as we tried to get everyone to look away from the spectacle and toward the camera.

Running in Circles

Leah’s first nature study

Running in Circles

This picture makes me laugh because Jem and the llama have the same expression.


Running in Circles

Within the animal kingdom, birds are even less my favorites, and this applies especially to giant, demon-looking birds like emus.  Is the whole world in agreement with me on this?  Surely this is one point on which our divided nation can join together.  One persistent emu followed our car for most of the circuit; just when we thought we’d lost him, he’d pop back up in someone’s window, looking fresh out of you-know-where with his yellow eyes an diabolical smirk.

Running in Circles

I mean, seriously!


Leslie, Abby, and I got extra tickets to go to a special part of the safari called the Baby Room, where we got to play with some (surprise!) baby animals.

Running in Circles

Running in Circles

Sorry, I just could not stop with this face.

Normally if a toddler ape were to jump on my shoulder or invite himself onto my lap, I’d scream and flail and generally lose my mind.  But Abby was nervous and I was trying to set her at ease, so I used self control and tried to set a good example for her.  We spent about thirty minutes with the babies, and the whole experience was pretty far outside my comfort zone, but I’m glad I did it.  It’s cool have “that time I held a lemur” in my conversation repertoire, and it’s a fun memory to share with Abby and Leslie.  Leslie in particular has been wanting to visit the baby room for years, so it was fun to be with her on the day all her dreams came true.

Running in Circles

Of course, about a week later Abby told my other sister Laura that “doing dishes” was the most fun thing she’s done so far this summer.  So maybe I’m trying way too hard when it comes to creating summer memories!

Thanks to the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for this fun photo-sharing format! 



6 responses to “{PHFR} at the Drive-Through Safari

  1. Totally with you on the emus. Terrifying things. 🙂

  2. Hi! Visiting from over at Like Mother Like Daughter. I laughed out loud at “Leah’s first nature study!” Hee Hee! Also love the comment that doing dishes was a favorite thing! And yes, that Emu is up to no good!

  3. Emus = completely creepy and unpredictable. And that face.
    Favorite picture is Leah by far! LOL!

  4. What a fun safari though I’ve always kind of preferred the iron bars that zoos offer! 😉 I love the idea of a baby animal section though!
    Your pizza lunch sounds fabulous!

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