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The idea of summer usually evokes images of laying out by the pool, extra time for reading, family road trips, and long, lazy afternoons.  Summer is buzzing flies, backyard cookouts, the smell of chlorine and sunscreen, and bored kids inventing their own fun.

Somehow it hasn’t worked out like that for us. It’s been less like floating the lazy river and more like getting dragged out to sea by an undertow. My poor little blog has been sadly neglected, which is unfortunate for me, and not just because writing here is my FAVORITE thing to do. Since I choose to hang out here instead of scrapbooking or keeping baby books, this is pretty much all I have to show for myself in the family-record-keeping department.  So the summer of 2015 is in danger of existing only in my memories, which is basically the same as being lost forever.

So I thought I’d just chat for a bit and tell you what we’ve been up to, thereby preserving the summer’s most important moments for ourselves and our posterity.

Here’s a brief history of my hairstyle cycle: (1) Get a “short” (shoulder length) cut, wear straight and down.  (2) Let hair grow until it is too long and hot to straighten, begin wearing up high in a curly bun.  (3) Keep this up as hair grows longer until (4) I can’t stand it for one more day and cut it all off, approximately 1 year from last haircut.

So I hit the “Need A Haircut” tipping point at the end of June.  Although summer is not an optimal time for a hairstyle that requires blow drying and ironing, I was ready for a change and my split ends were ferocious.  I headed over to Great Clips for “the usual” $14 haircut, planning (perhaps naively) that I’d come out with hair that resembled Jennifer Aniston’s cute blunt bob a la Season 7 of Friends.

Unfortunately, my haircut turned to be less Rachel Green and more Ramona Quimby. Blerg. So I’ve been sporting an awkward short ponytail for a month now, and I’m hoping that it won’t look quite so horrible when it gets a few inches longer.

In much more important transitions, Jem recently climbed out of his crib for the first time.  Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.07.50 PM

After a disastrous too-early switch for Abby, we were determined to ride the crib train with Jem for as long as possible.  Two and three-quarters years is a pretty good run! We’re at the very beginning his Big Boy Bed training, and it’s going pretty well– there’s some getting up and lots of false alarm “potty emergencies,” but it seems like this transition won’t be the year-long ordeal that we went through with Abby.

I’ve already talked about potty training, so no need to rehash that adventure. But this is definitely a big summer for Jem! He told Stephen this morning, “Don’t call me ‘Son.’ Call me ‘Man.'”  At this rate it feels like that will be here before I know it!

Both Stephen and I come from families who love to hang out together, and we enjoyed some extended time with each side in the month of July. If I can get myself organized I may do a PHFR about it, because I know there’s nothing more interesting than someone else’s vacation photos.  But here’s the short version:





Photo Jul 04


Abby and I are still reading up a storm and knocking out our summer bingo selections. We’re currently reading Old Mother West Wind’s Children by Thornton Burgess, and I am finding it surprisingly charming. I’m not usually into animal stories, but these are really beautifully written. I just finished All the Light We Cannot See, which was excellent, although a bit heavy for a vacation read. (I know, how could I have foreseen that a World War II drama would be “heavy”?)

Amid all this activity I have had a thought or two that I hope to share with you at some point. In the meantime, enjoy the last weeks of summer!

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