Please Excuse Me

This post is going to begin with a discussion about home decorating. But if that’s not really your cup of tea, hang with me this time–because home decorating is just a metaphor for what I really want to talk about today. And there’s an important announcement at the very end that you won’t want to miss. (At least, I hope you won’t.)

The Nesting Place is a home-keeping blog about houses (and lives) that “don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” In this next paragraph, Myquillyn describes one of her decorating techniques, which I love:

No one loves cute tchotchkes more than me…However, every summer, my stuff starts to make our home feel hot, loud and jumbled.  So, I’ve noticed that every year, I destufficate the house.  I like to call it Quiet the House. I remove loads of my much loved, favorite stuff and let the house just be without the distraction of a hundred cute little things.

“Quiet the House.” Doesn’t that sound nice?

About a month ago I wrote my last post about cleaning out my diaper bag and gearing up for a new semester. At the end I joked about needing to clean up again in October when we hit that fall slump. But, y’all, it’s only Labor Day and I’m already feeling like I’m straining at the seams.

My own mind and heart are feeling like the Nester’s house–hot, loud, and jumbled. I need to declutter from the inside out.

I love this metaphor of quieting the house. She’s not talking about getting rid of broken junk or ugly knickknacks or baby toys belonging to the kid who is 10–that’s too obvious. Sometimes it takes putting away beautiful things, for a time, to figure out which things are most important, most needed, most missed.

So that means several things that I’m not going to go into here. But what is of interest to you, if you’re reading this, is that I’ve decided to stop writing here for a while.

Since I’ve been averaging about one post per month lately, you might not have even noticed. But in case you’re the observant type, I thought I’d make this an official end.  (You are now free to read other blogs.)

I do hope to be back at some point, so if you’ d like to know when that happens, you can make sure you’re signed up for email updates (see sidebar) or following this website with a blog reader. That way if there’s any activity, you’ll be sure to know! Meanwhile, you can still find me on Instagram because I want to keep filling up my Chatbooks.

Thanks so much for reading here–It’s been tons of fun!


4 responses to “Please Excuse Me

  1. I will miss your updates and wit.

  2. I have to admit, I cried when I read this today. I will definitely miss your blog! But totally understand cutting away parts of life so only the important/eternal shines through! I’m proud of you for taking that step! You are a very talented writer & you have greatly blessed me with your articles. So many times you articulated so clearly with eloquence and humor exactly what I was thinking or feeling!

    Thank you and God bless you!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Glad we are IG buddies now. 🙂 I’ll miss your writing though!

  4. I completely understand, Lindsey, but I will miss your witty and thoughtful posts. You inspire me to be a better writer. Blessings.

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