2015, in a word

I’ve really enjoyed the exercise of choosing a word of the year– not a forward facing prediction (because, Who Knows??), but a year-end summary. This is the fifth year I’ve done this, although last year I chose a word for 2014– GROWTH — but couldn’t get out of the postpartum fog long enough to write a whole post about it.

But now it’s the end of another year, and I’m enjoying a quiet moment out of the house, so here it goes:

2015, in a word:


Overall, I found this to be a difficult year- the fact that I’ve endured to the end feels like an accomplishment in and of itself.

But the word “endure” seemed too negative– it certainly didn’t do justice to the many wonderful aspects of the year. We made so many happy memories!

Endurance is a positive word. It makes me think of running, which I always enjoy in a metaphorical sense. It implies forward motion rather than sitting still. It suggests that the difficulty I encounter is not causing me to stumble and fall but is making me stronger, more capable, more wise.

If I think about this past year as a running path, I feel like having three children has added a steep incline. Parenting older children has put some rocks in the path that I’m learning how to move around or jump over. And I’ll be honest- as the year comes to a close, I’m panting pretty hard and I’ve got a side stitch. But look! I’m still running!

And what’s the first week of January without a little irrational optimism? Maybe this will be the year that I really hit my stride.

Happy 2016, everyone!

Let us run with perseverance the race set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

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3 responses to “2015, in a word

  1. I hear ya, sister. Hopefully next year’s word will be a little more exciting. I mean, you can’t have endurance be the word two years in a row, right? 🙂

    • I’m actually hoping to use it two years in a row…last year was the year I realized I needed it, and 2016 will be the year I developed it…so I’ll be prancing into the new year with my life and home in perfect balance! (Ha, ha)

  2. leslie.caroline

    “It makes me think of running, which I always enjoy in a metaphorical sense.” HA!

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