My Day as Daniel Tiger’s Mom

“I’m Daniel Tiger, and you be Daniel Tiger’s mom,” came the instructions from Back Seat Driver Jem after we dropped Abby off at an activity one morning.

“So I’m the mom and you are my child? Okay, I can play that,” I agreed, pleased to get a character assignment that required no imagination.

But just a few minutes later I lost my temper at another car in the intersection. Hmm, I thought to myself. Daniel Tiger’s mom wouldn’t have said that.

I imagined myself flagging down the other driver with a friendly wave and inviting him to join me in song:

Hey, there, friend, don’t be a stinker:
When you turn, please use your blinker!

Yes, that was more like it. So for the rest of the day I amused myself with a little mental game of WWDTMD?  Here are some little jingles I’ve come up with, in case they are helpful to you:

Keep crying, you’ll get put to bed!

No playing “cats” after lights out
Or I’ll give you something to meow about

That’s not food, it won’t taste good!

Little tiny big boys can be hard to spot,
That’s why you’ve got to stay close in the parking lot!

You are not a feral creature;
Don’t eat what you find under the bleacher.

Even though it makes your heart sad,
No, you can’t play on the iPad.

Doesn’t matter what he did or what she said,
YOU are not allowed to be a meanyhead.

Careful, baby, you’ll get a sick belly
If you eat off the floor of McAlister’s Deli

Wiping your bottom is one way to say “I love You”

Stop kicking the back of my seat to stay safe

Clean up, pick up, put away
Ten thousand times a day

Please get your fingers out of my face;
Even moms need personal space!


6 responses to “My Day as Daniel Tiger’s Mom

  1. Hahahahaha, on your songs. I could of used 4-5 of them in the past three hours!

  2. This made me laugh! AND why do they insist on eating items off the ground?!

  3. Lindsey, you are just about the most creative mom imaginable! I’m proud to know ya, Girll! Your posts are uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring. Thank you for going to trouble to make the rest of us smile!

  4. YOU ARE SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! (I feel like I say that all the time, but it’s TRUE!)

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