Back to School Inspiration

We’re entering back-to-school mode over here, and the atmosphere in our house is both grudging and enthusiastic, depending on the moment. One of my many ambitious goals is to start the year with POSITIVE ATTITUDES from all key players (myself included!).

In general, I’m not a subscriber to the Bible-verse-as-weapon disciplinary strategy, but I am hoping that some well-placed gentle reminders might help us keep our minds properly oriented as we go through our daily routines. I found a few pretty and helpful things on Pinterest, but I had some specific verses in mind that I couldn’t find art for. Soooo, I made some.

I had fun creating these little reminders, and I thought I’d share them in case they could be helpful in your homes as well. In case it needs to be said, the last two are not from the Bible; they’re just things I say a lot.

Happy back to school, everyone!

(Help yourself to these images by clicking on the image and then taking a screen shot; for little decorative cards your resolution will be fine.)


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