I’m Lindsey.  My days are pretty full of kid-chasing, husband-serving, home-schooling, house-cleaning, board-books-reading, dinner-cooking, bottom-wiping, errand-running, and laundry-folding.

You know, the usual stuff.  Writing about it here helps me find extraordinary joy in the midst of my ordinary life, even when it comes to too-early morning wake-up calls and spilled milk on the freshly mopped floor.


This is my family.  Stephen and I have been married for twelve years, and we’re proof that you don’t have to be opposites to attract. We live with our four children in Central Texas, where Stephen works as an assistant pastor at our church.

Our second child is a special boy named Sam, who grew and kicked inside of me for 34 weeks and two days.  We held him for the first and last time on July 15, 2011.  Having him in our family story has taught me so much about grief, joy, loss, and what it means to fully trust a sovereign God.



“Running in Circles” reminds me of chickens with their heads cut off or dogs chasing their tails.  Honestly, those are not bad metaphors for my activities most days, but that’s hardly something to advertise.

However, as I kept thinking about it, it came to me: yes, chickens and dogs run in circles, but so do Olympic athletes and track stars.  The difference is that one approach is erratic and pointless, the other measured and purposeful.

When I get up in the morning, running is not optional.  Most of what I do—dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, peek-a-boo— is determined by necessity.  But while I have little choice over what I do, I have a lot of choice about how I do it.

As I run circles between the living room, kitchen, and laundry room, am I like a headless chicken?  Or am I a disciplined athlete, running, as Paul says, “the race marked out for me”?  It gives me something to think about when I’m picking up Mrs. Potato Head’s parts for the fifth time before lunch.

Thanks for joining me here.

To contact me, e-mail lindseywatson625 @gmail.com, or find me on Twitter and Instagram @lindseywatty.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi!
    So I just got caught up on your amazing blog.
    I honestly cannot figure out how you get to continue reading with Abby in tow!?? I cant do anything that involves sitting down (be it reading, paying bills, answering email etc) when Sophie is awake. This summer I committed (in a forced sort of 3rd trimester way) to reading and napping during her nap time, but only got through super fast/easy reads from Thoene, Grisham and of course Stephanie Meyer. So my accomplishments for this summer were keeping Sophie from killing herself, decorating a boy nursery and becoming a Twi-mom.

  2. Hi, Amy!

    I have met Sophie–I can see how keeping her from killing herself is a full time job!

    I still read while Abby naps and nurses. I’m going to miss those quiet times now that we’re moving into toddler-hood!

    So, are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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